“Use Roy’s techniques and you’ll see a lot more cash coming to you almost immediately.”

— Mark Ford, partner in 9-figure direct response business Agora, Inc., best-selling author of many books on business and marketing under pen name Michael Masterson

“Our recent growth would not be as substantial without Roy’s skills.”

— Jeff Short, as President, CBT Nuggets, LLC

“Hi, Roy, Great job on the seminar copy! It’s very hard to write for other writers…doubly difficult when they are copywriters…and triply challenging when it’s about their bios! But you did it…and your promo sings. All good wishes, Roy, Gary B.”

— Gary Bencivenga, considered by his clients to be America’s best direct response copywriter based on results generated, in reference to the promotion for The Titans of Direct Response

“Roy is not just a great copywriter but now an industry leader as well.”

— Brian Kurtz, Business Builder at Boardroom, Inc., Founder, Titans Marketing

“Working with Roy will improve your bottom line.”

— David Bullock, author Barack 2.0

If you’d like to experience Roy and his team’s business-building expertise in your business, you should know he only makes himself available on a limited basis, to select clients, when the opportunity merits.  Learn more about Roy’s availability here.